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Hi, I’m April Melton.

And I am passionate about animals and preserving our memories of our furry friends who provide so much love and ask for so little.

So, when I left active duty in 2008, photographing dogs , cats , and other animals, seemed like natural subject material for me and I decided to focus my efforts on becoming one of the most successful pet photographers in El Paso, TX.

Now I suppose anyone can learn how to work a camera or figure out what an F-Stop is… They can even choose an eye-pleasing backdrop that compliments the color of your pet’s coat, but none of that is important if your cat or dog won’t sit still or look at the camera.

To capture beautiful portraits of your pet, it takes someone who knows how to do ALL of that PLUS be patient AND speak their “language.”

If you appreciate the unconditional love that your cat or dog gives you every day, I invite you to contact us to schedule a FREE pre-portrait consultation and see how much fun we can have immortalizing him or her in a beautiful portrait.


Pet Photographers | April Melton

Pet Photographers | April Melton | Pet Photographers in El Paso, TX

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