* While water is fine, stop feeding your pet one to two hours before the session.

* When you arrive, let your dog sniff and urinate outside, if necessary.

* Our pet sessions are scheduled for 45 minutes to allow your dog to become accustomed to the new surroundings.

* Most likely your dog will mark his new territory by peeing on the rug… Don’t get frustrated. This is a natural behavior.

* Dogs are pack animals and fights ensue when they feel they are being stared at by another dominant animal. For this reason, dogs often try to avoid looking at the camera. They feel as if the “eye” is staring at them. They are more likely to look at the camera if you or someone they are familiar with holds a treat just above the camera lens.

* If your dog has clothing items, like shoes, I prefer to start with the shoes.


* If your cat is naturally shy or becomes nervous during car rides, he or she will probably seek comfort behind the backdrops and curtains.

Most importantly, you pet can sense your anxiety, fear or anger so just remember to relax and HAVE FUN!!!

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